Raitool 350W Mini Lathe Machine Woodworking DIY Lathe Set with Power Adapter


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Name: Mini Wood Lathe

Material: Acrylic shell, Aluminum frame
Power: 350W
Voltage: 220V AC
Speed: 500-8000 r / min
Size: 390* 95 * 90mm
Clamping length: 130mm Max
Collet chuck: 0.5-6.0mm

Portable and low-noise, everywhere can be your worktable.
500-8000RPM variable speed output for high precision machining.
350W powerful ball bearing spindle motor, giving higher torque than common 100W rated machine.
Designed for the home woodworking, beads processing, DIY handcraft and etc, easy to use.

1.If the user does not have lathe base experience, when used, should follow: low speed, slowly, cautiously and other security operations.
2.The speed can be adjusted in 50-8000RPM, cut wood should not exceed 4000, grinding can use higher speed.
3.Drill chuck axis, the axis of the wood, the tailstock center of the drill should be in a straight line, or need to adjust the nut.
4.If not a cylinder, the speed should be reduced.
5.Tailstock bearing without lock tight.
6.When using a k-nife, locking the bottom of screw, location should be away from timber 1-1.5cm.
7.If you do not really understand the operation, it is best to consult a professional person.

Package included:
1 set of  Beads Lathe Machine
(We will provide adapter according to delivery country)




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