AC 110V Ozone Generator Electronic 20g Ozone Generator


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Ozone Output: 20000mg / h
Input voltage: 110V
Current consumption: less than 750mA
Power consumption: less than 200w
Output high-pressure: 5.5 ± 0.5KV
Instructions: Plug in the power, you can use
Size: 230*175*104mm
Plug Type: US Plug
According to different countries equipped with adapter

-Ozone disinfection sterilization machine for the goods utilizing lightning
-Discharge principle of ozone to the air as raw material
-Creeping discharge technology jerks release of high concentrations of ozone
-Ozone is one of the strongest known oxidant
-At certain concentrations, can quickly kill off the water and air in a variety of harmful bacteria
-It is recognized as the world's a broad spectrum of potent bactericidal disinfectant

For home, car, workshop, shed, bathroom, conference rooms, public places sterilization, air purification

Package Included:
1 Set 20g Ozone Generator


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